Demographic data

Some questions to better know who you are and where you come from
What year were you born?

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Are you a man or a woman?
What is your educational background?
Where do you live?
Have you held one or more of these positions before?
Head of an organisation (private company, public institution, registered association, NGO, foundation...)
Employee or member of a Data Protection Authority
Data Protection Officer
IT manager
Elected official
Member of the Legal Department of your organisation or Attorney (private sector)
IT security manager
Member of a trade union
I do not want to disclose this information
I have worked in the security sector (police, army, intelligence community, law enforcement...)
I have worked in the justice sector (public sector)
I have taken part in standard-setting processes and organisations (ISO, IETF, IEEE, W3C...)
I have not held any of the above positions
What is your job?
  Position Employer
Your job :

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